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FLY HIGH AERIALS was created to provide both businesses and individuals with exceptional aerial content. We are fully insured and while working closely with the FAA to minimize risk, our mission is to leverage our talent and experience to provide agency-level quality multimedia to businesses and individuals at a fraction of the cost. What separates us from other “drone companies” is that we are all creative professionals that live and breathe the world of photography and videography. We are based in New Jersey, but travel nationwide to provide high quality aerial footage. With over 50 years combined experience in the advertising & film world, our passion for photography and videography has enabled us to leverage our expertise & unique eye in capturing that epic shot for your next project. Combining creativity and technical precision, FLY HIGH AERIALS literally elevates (pun intended) your next project by employing the latest aerial technology (sUAS/UAV/drones) in order to provide powerful imagery and cinematic footage that can be showcased into your next project. Our team brings a diverse set of experience and capabilities to the field, while staying current with the latest technological advancements and FAA rules & regulations.


Other capabilities include:

country clubs/golf courses, schools/universities, hotels & resorts, municipalities, property video tours, weddings & private events, promotional videos, bridge inspection, maintenance survey, rooftop inspections, project progress monitoring, reference photos, aerial site documenting, damage assessment

Just about anyone can buy a camera and use it out of the box. But it takes experience & creative talent to turn that photo into art. That’s where we step in.

— Michael Messano - Co-Founder —

Our Services

FLY HIGH AERIALS captures high resolution photos and 4K video from the ground-level up. With dual operator controls, full-time live camera view and on-screen GPS display, we are able to frame up the perfect shot at the precise altitude and location requested. Our UAS's are capable of capturing 16mp high-resolution still photos and record up to 4K video with zero distortion that is typically seen with lower-end drones. Once the footage is captured we are able to use the latest cinematography effects and techniques in post-production to help tell a unique story tailored specifically to your business.

Our UAS's allow us to safely capture dynamic aerial photography and video footage while being more cost effective, safer, and more environmental friendly than other typical aerial platforms like expensive rigs, helicopters and traditional airplanes.

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The sky is no longer the limit.

— Fly High Aerials —


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What our Clients say

  • You guys are awesome. You’re my guys.

    — James Madalone (Remax) —

The Squad

Creativity is in the air...and on the ground.




We take pride in aligning ourselves with associations that strive for excellence.


As creative professionals with a love for cutting edge technology and an eye for visual composition, we are able to produce cinema quality aerial video footage at a fraction of the cost.

— Jonathan Suska - Co-Founder —


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